Who I am?
Hi! My name is Alex, I'm an illustrator and graphic designer.
Since I was very young I have always been fascinated by the creative universe, drawings, paintings, music, art in general. I'm on the path of design, learning to use editing and image creation software, creating graphic materials for my bands, school competitions and everything that needed something related to that part. Thus, I graduated in Advertising and Advertising in 2018, intensely focused on creating and directing art. Throughout this process, since the beginning of college, meeting demands as a freelancer, in illustration and graphic design in general. Seeking excellence in the result of my work, focused in the areas of graphic design, illustration and visual identity, I study with big names in the field, specializing in the development of illustrations for clothing brands, advertising pieces, posters, among others and in the creation of visual identity for companies in different industries. In 2020 I became a full time freelancer and in that time I have already worked with clients such as the band CPM 22, BLUNT, among other works for brands in Brazil, the United States and Europe. My focus today is to deliver a better job every day and jobs that really meet the needs of all my clients, from the little ones to the giants.
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