Square One [Blunt]
This is a collection of 4 paintings created using mixed techniques with Posca pens, acrylic paint, and spray paint.
"Square One" is a term that signifies starting from scratch. This Blunt campaign is based on 4 stages, with each of these canvases representing one of these stages.
[1. UPRISING] The theme here aimed to depict chaos, disorder, and destruction, the end of an era. 💀⚰️
[2. GENESIS] The theme here explores, after the end, the beginning, the birth; an art that portrays mysticism, nature, magic, the start of an era. 🍄🦋🌼
[3. NEXT LEVEL] The theme here is the next level, futurism, post-humanism, with references to a cyberpunk era. 🤖
[4. SENSORIAL] The theme that concludes the cycle, where we transcend the end, the beginning, the machines, the body, the mind, and the spirit. Drawing inspiration from psychedelia and surrealism.

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